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KOPPS - Mourning Sex (Ft. Joywave)

Sep 18, 2012

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Why do we like this?
In case you weren't positive how serious KOPPS are about being sexy, look no further than their official website: www.kopps.xxx. That's right folks, there are three x's in that domain. You might want to also check out their music...

On September 25th they'll be releasing their KOPPS EP, featuring this track "Mourning Sex," produced by Joywave. While it's not the first time these two groups have worked together (Joywave remixed "L.A. Lights"), it's certainly the more powerful collaboration of the two.

"Mourning Sex" is the second single off the EP, following up the track "Bastard Baby." Perhaps there's some type of 9-month correlation between the two? We can't be certain, but we're definitely digging the direction this Rochester-based trio are going.
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