What's so good?
By Devin Duckworth | Nov 07, 2012

Remember in 2006 when R&B songstress Cassie came out with the infectious "Me & U"? I do, and I must admit, I was into it. Since its release, I'm surprised that a remix of the track hasn't surfaced - that is, until now.

Brought to us by L.A.-based Wes James, also referred to as Le Youth, we have a fresh reinterpretation appropriately titled  "C O O L." This track brings back the tropical, funky grooves of the summer with sweeping synths and ultra smooth rhythms.

I understand that it might be winter for most you, but here in San Francisco we are holding onto our Indian summer for dear life. So if you catch yourself dreaming of summertime splendor and you're feeling "C O O L" enough, go grab the track for free by clicking here.
Devin Duckworth
Devin is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director for TEETH Mag. @devinduck