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Little Scout - March Over To Me

Aug 14, 2013

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Brisbane's Little Scout is in the midst of final preparations before the release of their second album, Are You Life, which will showcase the band's shift from the angelic pop sound on their first album. First single "Go Quietly" was our initial taste of what we could expect from their new attitude, and new single "March Over To Me" dives deeper into the band's more powerful sound.

Their music is built on pin point percussion and grows from there, with layers of sound and lingering harmonies pulsating throughout the track. There's a lot to this single, but at no point does it feel overwhelming -- a testament to how carefully the band structures their music.

Having already supported the likes of Sharon Van Etten and School of Seven Bells, the new record (out September 6) is bound to continue the momentum they've gathered over the past few years.
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