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Little Scout - We Are Walking Out

Sep 01, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Australians Little Scout is one of the most likeable bands I've heard in quite some time. In a world with so much complicated and confusing music, they're a breath of fresh air. Little Scout has done all the little things well, keeping things simple. However, they are in no way a simple band; in fact, they seem to have found a perfect balance.

Take Your Light is Little Scout's first full-length record after releasing two EPs, The Dead Loss EP and Different in the Distance. Having toured diligently for three years with the likes of Belle and Sebastian and the New Pornographers, the album is right on schedule.

Jono Boulet and Scott Bromiley, both seemingly involved in half the music coming out of Australia at the moment, have helped shaped this record. Bromiley produced the album, which was made in Boulet's legendary garage studio. Twelve months of pre-production alone tells you the kind of endeavor that this has been.

If you combined Beach House with the vocals of Feist, you'd have something akin to Little Scout -- a delightful blend if ever I've heard one! First single "We Are Walking Out" sounds like the sun rising on a cool winter morning. Listen to it if that comparison doesn't work for you and tell me otherwise. It's one of the more upbeat pieces, with a steady drum beat maintaining the tempo.

"Take Your Light" is dream pop at its best, with lead vocalist Melissa Tickle's beautiful tones drifting effortlessly over a foundation of organ and keys. "The Easiest Way" reminds me of the recently disbanded The Middle East. They were very fond to my heart, so perhaps Little Scout can fill the incredible void.

Currently on a national tour around Australia, Little Scout will be a band on every music lovers' lips very shortly. Take Your Light is beautiful, so enjoy.
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