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Alt-J - Matilda

Aug 05, 2012

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Why do we like this?
On November 19, 2011 I watched a band named Alt-J at the tiny Ruby Lounge in Manchester, UK open for The Cults. I was mesmerized. I was changed.

The band's symbol, a triangle, denotes change in mathematical equations. They are change; the perfect embodiment of the shift that's occurring in music right now. A seamless integration of various styles to make up a whole so complex, rich and layered with flavors. It just tastes so fucking good.

I returned to San Francisco, flaked on reviewing the show in Manchester, and talked incessantly about them for a month. Nine month pause. I got wind that they were playing in SF at the Rickshaw. I knew there was no way I'd miss this show. And miss this show I did not.

They had the ENTIRE Rickshaw tessellating. I don't think I've seen an audience of such a new band responding with such solid confidence, love and energy. It was as if everyone had seen them several times; and after questioning a good amount of people, that was not the majority case.

What an unbelievable show. So when are they back in San Fran, you ask? Oct. 1 at The Fillmore. Game on.
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