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Local Natives - Wooly Mammoth

Jan 29, 2013

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Why do we like this?

I think it goes without saying that we here at Indie Shuffle are big fans of the L.A. indie rock band Local Natives.  If you haven't already noticed, we have featured three songs off their new album Hummingbird.  How new is it?  Well, the highly anticipated second studio album was officially released today.  So, I thought why not share one more gem from the new album to commemorate the official release.

Here we have the track "Wooly Mammoth" -- full of their signature echoing guitars, quick snare drum beats, and harmonizing vocals.  The track is a tad more uptempo from our last post, "You and I," and reminds me of the flavor they put into Gorilla Manor and what has made them one of my favorite bands over the past few years.

Grab your copy of Hummingbird over on iTunes, as it will be one of the better decisions you have made in 2013, or in the meantime, stream much of the album over on their SoundCloud page.


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