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Lost River/Old River - Missing Mountains

Jan 18, 2013

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Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I was recently introduced to Austin's Lost River/Old River. As soon as I started listening, I was captivated. I think you will be, too.

Lost River/Old River's stand out track, in my opinion, is "Missing Mountains." It opens with a rolling acoustic guitar and gritty yet angelic vocals. Soon, the other instruments start to creep in, and you could feel the gorgeousness of this song building and building. The intricate construction of each instrument holds its own while interweaving with each other to create a delicate balance of mathematical folk. The hymnal, harmonious vocals lend a traditional feel to an otherwise unique approach.

I can't wait to hear what Lost River/Old River will be releasing in the (hopefully near) future. For now, their 7" might be enough to hold you over.
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