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Sounds like: Santigold, Peaches, M.I.A

What's so good?
By Anu Rana | Mar 08, 2013 | Total plays: 48,860

We haven't had any Twitter fans harassing M.I.A recently, so I decided to bring her back for a bit.

Actually, Annie Starlight did this remix about a year ago, so I'm bringing them both back! In fact, this remix sounds more M.I.A then the original. Maybe it's because it's 2013, and I'm expecting some future beats (yes this is from a year back, but it sounds fresh), but everything bangs a little harder. Simultaneously, a spaceship shoots synth down the line and electronica glows in the background, a nice contrast and complement respectively to M.I.A's laidback performance style.

Honestly, I like this much better than "aTENtion." I can't tell you anything about the winner here, except that Annie Starlight makes "stardust power music" and you can follow her on Facebook here and SoundCloud here. 

Anu Rana
Author: Anu Rana
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