What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Feb 11, 2013

I work in video games, so the fact that a game came out with a stellar soundtrack -- one that I am actually about to write about -- is a pretty spectacular occurrence. Sure, there are games (Journey, for example) that have perfectly beautiful songs. But. Not. Like. This.

Hotline Miami is a rough, rogue top-down game set in the 1980s, full of neon and drug-fueled violence. Most importantly for this site, it happens to have a write-worthy original soundtrack. The productions are all synth-dense and perfectly complimentary to the game they support.

My personal favorite track in the set is "Paris" by M.O.O.N., featured here. The bass is sticky, the BPM at a perfect pace for a humid Miami saunter, and the synths drop in at just the right moment. The overall effect is so, so cool, one feels as if they are that pixelated gangster from the game.

To listen to the whole set, check out publisher Devolver Digital's SoundCloud page here.