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Sounds like: Switch, Diplo

What's so good?
By Devin Duckworth | May 28, 2013 | Total plays: 25,152

Who the hell knows when Diplo has enough time to throw down all these remixes, 100-song playlists, and world tours all while looking like a beautiful piece of man meat. The guy must be a fucking wizard or something.

Taking to a more mainstream route this time around, my man has remixed Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' ridiculously overplayed "Can't Hold Us," and I'm happy to see that Macklemore's raps have taken a backseat with Ray Dalton's vocal melodies now front, center and intact.

Behind the centerpiece that is "Can't Hold Us" is the bombastic Major Lazer sound, with explosive synths and beat breakdowns that force you to twerk it low and get weird. It also brings in Swappi and 1st Klase and incorporates Diplo's signature dancehall influence while throwing in some trap beats, giving the track a hard-hitting, dance floor-ready sound that will probably get your body moving within the first thirty seconds.

Now I'm not making any promises, but this remix just might make you fall under Major Lazer's charm even if you weren't a fan of the song to begin with. Free download available here.
Devin Duckworth
Devin is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director for TEETH Mag. @devinduck www.devinduckworth.com www.teethmag.net