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Memory Ruins - Shuttle

Jan 07, 2014

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Why do we like this?
Footwork may be the crossover genre of 2014, and I've been submerging myself in the ecosystem. Check out Florida artist Memory Ruins' track "Shuttle." At just over two minutes, the song will leave you wanting more and would fit nicely into a longer mix able to maintain the amp. It's a looping, self-perpetuating frenzy that harkens back to juke but with fresher touches. There's a certain inward-looking paranoia that's motivating these distinctly American crews of beatmakers to challenge their authoritative opposition from across the pond and take the lead on forward-thinking dance music.

In other words, its a distractingly fresh sound that's just that: a distraction from something darker. We're going to be hearing a lot more of this, so get involved.
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