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MF Doom - DOOMSAYER (Young Guru Remix)

Dec 24, 2012

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Why do we like this?
This is the best DOOM track I've heard in a while. His most recent project, JJ DOOM (with Janero Jarel), was cool, but it didn't quite reach the heights of wonderful weirdness that previous efforts had. After dominating the early 2000s with a bizarre flurry of releases and just as many aliases, DOOM slowed up a bit in recent years, and has been known more for villainous concert dealings and a rumored inability to enter the US due to immigration reasons.

Possibly in celebration of the end of the world, "DOOMSAYER" is a return to form. Surprisingly (or not, if you're a rap nerd) this banger's beat comes courtesy of Jay-Z's sometimes-tour DJ, recording engineer and general hip-hop enthusiast Young Guru. Don't expect any commercial compromises, armed with comic book horns and boom-bap drums, this almost sounds like it could have been on the cutting room floor of MM..FOOD.

Hopefully this means we can expect more unexpectedness from the masked nominee for best rolled L's, or maybe he will carry on being a villain in the shadows.
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