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Mist Glider x Heart Tricks - Krystal Kingdom

Jan 17, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Mist Glider is no stranger around Indie Shuffle. In the last few months, we've featured our fair share of the Santa Cruz producer. Maybe you've heard his reworks of Passion Pit and Adventure Club/Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Well, this go-round he's teamed up with fellow banana slug Heart Tricks to deliver a couple of wonderful electronica tracks.

I've decided to feature the upbeat, good vibe-inducing "Krystal Kingdom" because it puts me in a swell mood before, during, and after work. Driving to dinner was a decidedly more awesome experience once Mist Glider and Heart Tricks were providing the soundtrack. Even if you've never been to Santa Cruz, you can still vibe with those weirdos and the rest of us crazy Californians.

Mist Glider and Heart Tricks also collaborated on "Fields," a downtempo instrumental that will probably surface soon.
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