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Misun - Harlot

Jan 10, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Misun has nailed it again with their latest tune "Harlot."  The beat sounds all too familiar, in a great way, to "The Seed 2.0" by The Roots.

The three-piece group out of DC have a wide spectrum of influences in their music-making repertoire, including dance, soul, pop, and everything in between the Moon and mi-Sun...  and when you put all of those influences together, you get a genre that they call "aquawave."  Whatever they want to call it, its good music!

Although it's still winter, the new track "Harlot" is trying to jump start us into spring; it's a hot, soul-filled jam.  This is Misun's first release of 2013 and can be downloaded for free on their SoundCloud.
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