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Mite - Witch Doctor

Dec 26, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Maybe I'll just start choosing tracks to post based on song name, because I sure lucked out with this one.

"Witch Doctor" by Atlantan producer Mite is everything the title implies. It's wickedly medicated with wobbly womps and powerful stomps. It sounds more like how you probably wouldn't want to feel should you suddenly find yourself in a deep forest romp around a fire, inundated with hallucinogens, wondering if your feet did indeed just turn into hairy-lined hooves. And even though you're totally terrified of that shrunken head, rattling and waving on a stick amidst chanting and other hoodoo incantations, you'll embrace the rhythm because fighting it sort of tastes like vomit.

On the flip side, if you happen to be the brave adventurer who simply stumbles upon this deep forest rumpus, you'll probably have a great time dancing to the dark tech house beat"” just steer clear of the dude who's tripping and don't provoke the witch doctor and you'll come out just fine.

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