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What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Jun 17, 2013 | Total plays: 1,790

Max Cooper was one of the first artists that we ever did a premiere for on Indie Shuffle (way back in 2009). Since then, his minimal electronic approach has held a special place in my heart (or ears) -- and has also spawned to numerous dance parties (just saw him in Barcelona this last week).

Naturally, that means that whenever Max releases new material I'm all over it. In this case, his rendition of MMOTHS' "For Her" caught my attention, and I decided I'd share it.

I'd like to call out that the song ends up being almost 8 minutes of minimal electronica. Why's that worth mentioning, you ask? Because according to Max, "this is the shortened down version." That's right -- there's an even longer rendition, which you can download here.

Beyond that, I'll do my usual thing and let the music speak for itself. Hopefully you enjoy!
Jason Grishkoff
Former Googler, currently working full-time on indie Shuffle and a .gif creation website called Giflike. I spend my days chasing summer -- I'll be in ... learn more →