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Mr. Fogg - Tightrope

Aug 20, 2012

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Last time we caught up with Mr. Fogg was when we featured a deep, captivating remix of his last "A Little Letting Go" single by Maribou State. Fast-forward a few months, and the British electronic talent is back with a new single that we're premiering right here on Indie Shuffle

"Tightrope" is out on October 1st and sees Mr Fogg as his dizzying best. Revealing something need with each spin, it's a hypnotic, over-sized piece of intelligent pop that's as intricate as it is evocative.

Described by Fogg as "a song about risks and responsibility," this new single version distills one of the most ambitious moments from sophomore album Eleven into three and a half minutes of densely-packed flugelhorns, seething bass lines and wrong-footing rhythms.
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