What's so good?
By Chad L.A. Roberts | Sep 18, 2012

The New York duo recently graced Tumblr with their newest addition, "Dark Doo Wop," gearing up for the debut of Candy Bar Creep Show, which is available for purchase on iTunes starting tomorrow. The female vocalist, whom I cannot stop praising, is effortlessly sexy on this track; harmonizing never sounded so beautiful. MS MR's Facebook page also announces a dark and fantastic remix by Chet Faker and a video, which can viewed on their YouTube page, by producer David Dean Burkhart.

The visuals are undeniably orgasmic to the eyes! It's a compilation of homemade videos of various proms, weddings, and house parties. Imagery of war and destruction are manipulated by Burkhart weaved into the story line of the young couples depicted in the video. What more can I say? Troll over to iTunes and purchase Candy Bar Creep Show, so artists of this special caliber continue to produce music that stimulates our bodies and minds.
Chad L.A. Roberts
A twenty-something that listened to music more than his parents.