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My Bloody Valentine - New You

Feb 04, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Everyone's talking about the brand new My Bloody Valentine album. Yes, it's been 20-some odd years since this band has released anything new, and after getting together and touring a bit, it seems that lead guitarist Kevin Shields has finally decided to get the ball rolling on this thing. It's been highly rumored for many years, but the rumors escalated when word was on the street that it had been finished and mastered.

Well, it was recently posted to their website for a download, and after their servers crashed for a few hours because of the traffic, we now have in our possession a BRAND NEW MY BLOODY VALENTINE ALBUM! Still can't believe it.

And after a brief first listen, this seems like it was, in fact, carefully crafted and fully realized. It sounds like a continuation of their huge album Loveless, which is NOT a bad thing in any shape or form. The tunes are washy, beautiful and totally immersive. Crank it up all the way and get swept away by the brand new material from this amazing band.
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