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Myron & E - If I Gave You My Love

May 27, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Soul music has never really gone out of style. Many artists incorporate it into their sound or do their own particular take on the genre. From Amy Winehouse to the Dap Kings and Mayer Hawthorne, you can find incarnations and influences of soul in popular music decades back.

Myron & E have spent the last several years fine tuning their debut LP Broadway for Stones Throw, and it reflects the effort. A fine balance of nostalgia, joy and musicianship, the LP sits just right. Though it often sounds like it was recorded in the early 70s, the album doesn't bash you in the face with throwback appeal; it does its job and moves on. In a short 11 tracks, the duo serve a full musical meal, leaving you wanting seconds.

"If I Gave You My Love" is a cut of sweet soul. With regal horns and aggressive drums, Myron & E take the listener to a place and time when soul music was the soundtrack of the streets. The video for the song illustrates as much. Mochilla's Eric Coleman and crew take us to East LA for an anachronistic black-and-white video matching the Bay Area duo's serenade with low-riders and OG's.

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