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Naughty Boy - La La La (Ft. Sam Smith) (DEVolution Remix)

Jul 21, 2013

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Why do we like this?

Okay. I admit I've been on a DEVolution kick this month, but I just can't ignore the great stuff they've been putting out. This track is a few months old, but they just posted it on their Facebook this morning and it seriously is what got me out of bed.

There are some major league sunny vibes going on in this remix, and those sweet little "la la las" just kill me. Makes me feel like I'm skipping through Candyland or something. Of course, the added pleasure of Sam Smith's vocals (you'll recognize that name from the chart-topping phenom that was Disclosure's "Latch") make this track as smooth as DEVolution's production.

Not to be ignored is the original version by Naughty Boy-- his version leans more towards straight-forward pop than DEVolution's garage house version. I'm in love with both, though this remix has got way more bounce to it. Like, if "La La La" was incarnated into human form and I met both at a party, I would probably share a drink with Naughty Boy's version, but I would totally make out with DEVolution's version... inappropriate analogy? Deal with it.

Anyway, if you'd like to download the track, hopefully you're in the UK, because neitherAmazon nor iTunes will let me download in the States. That being said, there are crappy cracked versions out there, but you didn't hear that from me.

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