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New Gods - Razorblades

Feb 05, 2013

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Formed from the ashes of loved Australian band Little Red, New Gods didn't take long to return to the fore of the local indie pop scene. Immediately turning heads with their first single, "On Your Side," they were rewarded with a number of high profile support slots (Alt-J, The Cribs, Gypsy & the Cat). With their debut EP now out, they've released a second single, the impressive "Razorblades."

While I enjoyed their first single, this one's a definite step up for me. This melancholy lament has a 70s/80s vibe to it. Slashing guitar riffs are coupled with an interesting saxophone line throughout, which adds to the introspective vocals of the band's lead, Dominic Byrne.

This is a band to watch over the next twelve months (and beyond!). With solid experience and talent, there's a clear path to success awaiting them.

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