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Nicolas Jaar - And I Say (Xinobi Edit)

Nov 29, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Okay. We all are familiar with wunderkind Nicols Jaar's "With Just One Glance," a track which features the sparsely, esoterically beautiful vocal stylings of the Willis/Moore offspring Scout LaRue. Will Epstein's soaring saxophone isn't hurting anyone either.

Today, I'm bringing you an edit of the aforementioned track by the Portuguese producer Xinobi, known to his parents as Bruno Cardoso. Quite impossibly, he has made Jaar's original sound even hotter, with a proliferation of amazingly coquettish bongo drums slipping in and out of the foreground. Some may not get Nicolas Jaar's music, inherent with its experimental and boundary-pushing nature, but clearly Xinobi relates.
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