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Nirvana - In Bloom (Fink Cover)

Sep 01, 2013

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Why do we like this?

I know Nirvana being covered or even being “unplugged” is nothing new. There have been plenty of artists who have tried to incorporate their own flavor into the classic songs that helped to entirely change the musical landscape of the 90s, and Nirvana themselves even put out an entire live album of acoustic takes on many of their tracks. So an acoustic version of Nirvana’s hard hitting track “In Bloom” is one tall order, but damn does Fink do it justice.

Off of German music mag Musikexpress’ Nirvana tribute album, Fink manages to take “In Bloom” to places Kurt Cobain couldn’t have even dreamed about. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an open mind, Fink manages to make “In Bloom” sound more like a track that belongs on a Ryan Adams album — the song really gets a true folk rock treatment, all the while still hinting at enough of the greatness of the original to remind you that you really are listening to a Nirvana cover.

This is how covers are done.

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