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OAK - One Of Those Who Fly

Jun 14, 2013

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Why do we like this?

There are songs that I play in the early hours of the morning that actually make my cup of coffee taste even better. OAK's new single "One of Those Who Fly" is one such song.

When I heard it the very first time, I knew it was gonna stick. There's something calming about his voice and the simplicity of the elements that surround his singing which give the track room to breathe. This mellow approach helps highlight all the little details in the background, blending them together in perfect unison (just like the flavors in my coffee!).

One of the keys to OAK's sound is that it screams simplicity. His album On the Borderline (Between the Heart and the Mind) carries such a smooth vibe that its quite possible to miss the fact that multiple songs have in fact passed by (wait, which track are we on?).

OAK is finally back in his hometown Beirut, after spending time between Paris, Sydney & Wellington (New Zealand). And that's a good thing, because seeing him live is a treat: the way he transmits the same coziness felt on the album into his performances is one of the more genuine things I've seen.

If you're liking what you hear, you can download his album straight from his website (or, if you prefer, you'll his music on SoundCloud right here).

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