What's so good?
By Philip Friedman | May 14, 2012

While "90's Kids" from Canadian, alternative-rockers Oh No! Yoko was released almost a year ago, it doesn't change how darn catchy of a a song it still is today.

This song truly has it all, beginning with a sample from Saved by the Bell to a group chant about bonfires. And who wouldn't love an homage to playing Oregon Trail on the old Macintosh computers, or dropping a line about the Baha Men. This song really does have something for anyone who remembers thinking they looked cool in their Jnco jeans back in the 90s.

Musically "90's Kids," has moved far from the alternative rock that was boss in the nineties, and is making some super danceable indie pop. Featuring some driving keyboard, and swirling guitar coming together to sound like Minus the Bear on stage with the Limousines who are about to go party with Blink 182 as soon as their set is done. If this track will do anything, it will definitely make you move.

So do yourself a favor, click play, swap out your skinny jeans for some baggy pants, and reminisce about the simpler times of the 90s.
Philip Friedman
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