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OMBRE - Cara Falsa

Sep 24, 2012

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Musicians Julianna Barwick and Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro) dedicate most of their time to their blooming independent careers, but the Asthmatic Kitty label mates recently paused from their personal work to form the collaborative side project OMBRE.

The artists first became aware of each other in 2009 when Helado Negro stumbled upon Barwick's Myspace music. The two began forming an in-person friendship while on tour together in 2010, and almost immediately began framing OMBRE's first album Believe You Me, which debuted August 21. Barwick not only lends her enchanting voice to the project, but also performs guitar, synth, vibraphones and electric piano.

Their first single, "Cara Falsa," is beautiful, trance-like piece. The mellow track is haunting, but at no point could be considered eerie. Barwick's airy voice gently rises up through the pleasant ruckus of synths and beats. Perfect for the early morning, when you're lost in your cool, twisted sheets. Enjoy!
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