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What's so good?
By Anu Rana | Nov 22, 2012 | Total plays: 8,859

"Where Beasts Die," from Bruno Miguel and Melissa Veras of Papercutz, is folklore passed down through a mellow acoustic melody and angelic vocals, surely influenced by Miguel's native Portugal.

In Brooklyn-producer Sweater Beats' reincarnation, the vocals haunt a lush electronic forest, sometimes permeating sweeping synths and alluring beats to provide moments of digital restraint. The result is a track worth dying to.

I know it sounds ridiculous, considering all possible choices in the entire world, but this track is otherworldly. It's a vocal passage through an electronic haze to a braver side of life. It's also a track that makes you appreciate the living, the artists who challenge defined musical genres successfully.

Lets hope these two cross paths again in the future. Until then you can follow their equally gratifying solo projects here and here.
Anu Rana
Author: Anu Rana
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