What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Oct 11, 2012

Who knows better about passion than the French? At least that's what the movies tell me. Romance originated there, right? It makes sense, then, that Frenchman Jean-Baptiste e Laubier, aka Para One, has carved out every little thing that fills him with love and titled the multifaceted work, Passion.

Laubier's beginnings were that of the hip-hop persuasion, a prerequisite to his later advancement into dance. His unique path produced something of an over-animated method to beat-making; he's armed with the know-how to make everything sound terribly hip. Whether he is chaos in a package or completely organized radical behavior, this Frenchman takes a ballsy, no-holds-barred approach. Among his many hats, Para One is deep house, soul, random bursts of IDM, R&B, and a penchant for boogie. Whatever it is, Passion will keep you listening.

"Every Little Thing" and "Lean On Me" are the two most up-tempo tunes on the album, and probably my favorites (though with an album of this nature, favorites are hard to choose). Para One explores so many realms it's like a history lesson -- undoubtedly a recipe for a classic.

It's an amazing piece of work and I strongly suggest listening to the whole thing to get the full scope!
Rachel Skotarczyk
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