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Parachute Youth - Can't Get Better Than This

May 23, 2012

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After a chance meeting at a party a few years back, Matthew Gill and Johnny Courtidis have been somewhat inseparable. Hailing from Sydney and Adelaide respectively, the two decided to take their show on the road, with Paris their port of call.

Their track, "Can't Get Better Than This," was actually made years ago, but the magnetic final cut and resulting video (which has already seen over 1.5 million hits) have taken off in recent months.

"Can't Get Better Than This" has a definite Euro vibe, something that would get a fair bit of play in one of the mega-clubs. And yet, it's still got a contemporary feel to it. The heavy basslines and throbbing synth combine nicely with the echoing vocals. This isn't usually my preferred genre, but there's something about this track which sticks with me - while it's catchy, there's some longevity to it.

Keep an eye peeled for a follow up to "Can't Get Better Than This" and catch them live in Australia (and possibly abroad) soon.
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