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Pharrell x Fela Kuti - Happy Mentality (dj100proof Afroblend)

Mar 25, 2014

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Why do we like this?
As if Pharrell's proclamation of all things groovy "Happy" hasn't gotten enough play (check out alternative remixes here and here), dj100proof of Seattle has taken the jam to new heights by mashing it with Fela Kuti's 1977 hit, "Colonial Mentality."

Fela, the Nigerian champion of jazz, is a crucial portion of my daily lunch. The baritone sax is the bread and the trumpet melodies are the butter. That, coupled with Pharrell's immortal good looks and affinity for musical gold, makes for a snazzy blend.

This song just kicked my Tuesday Blues (yeah, mine is a two-day thing) out the window! Jump on the free download here.
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