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What's so good?
By Dylan Heneck | Dec 06, 2013 | Total plays: 5,044

I've never heard of Phazz until listening to this track "Slow It Down," but I'm going to take his releases very seriously from now on. Aligning himself with Cosmonostro, Marble, and Soulection, among others, Phazz is one of a new generation of producers bringing back R&B soul and sexual tension into their music.

Recently released on Filthy Fortune Records, the 21-year-old Frenchman's track is accompanied by a host of remixes. However, all the remixes sound identical to the original, just with a different drum beats, further lending perspective as to how stirring the original is. Swapping between the pitched-down vocals and using an 808 drum kit, this track has all the makings of just being "some other trap track." I'm very skeptical about music with styles that I think are being reused, but this tune is addictive.

The words that popped into my head when writing this review went along the lines of swagger, sexual, and a driven, emotional energy. Funny enough his Facebook bio reads "creating contemporary music, his sounds belong as much in the club as they do in the bedroom, oozing with that sexual energy and romantic swagger."

I've had this track on repeat for an hour or so, and I feel as if I've been through an entire relationship start to finish. This is a track you'll find yourself putting on a lot of car CDs, if you still use those.
Dylan Heneck
Author: Dylan Heneck
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