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Best of 2012: Remixes

Jason Grishkoff
Curated by: Jason Grishkoff
Total songs: 10 | Created: Aug 30, 2014

Clearly picking 10 of the best remixes from a field of hundreds isn’t easy, so apologies to those of you who think I’ve missed something essential. Indeed, there’s more pressure than just good selection at play: the most popular post this year was our Top 10 Remixes of 2011, so it’ll be tough to repeat that.

On to the music…With this list I tried to create a great “dynamic”: we start off with 1) upbeat indie-rock remixes; transition into 2) some of the best dubstep remixes; 3) hit a mellow vibe with Maribou State’s remix of Ultraista; and cap it all off with 4) a return to the indie rock.

And yeah, Kimbra appears twice on this list. Fortunately, the two versions (of different songs, mind you) couldn’t sound more different. That’s the beauty of a remix, I guess.

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Lana Del Rey Blues Jeans (RAC Remix) Artwork
Grouplove Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix) Artwork
Kimbra Two Way Street (Aeroplane Remix) Artwork
Lancelot We Can Dance (Goldroom Remix) Artwork
Yuna Lullabies (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) Artwork
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