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Oct 9, 2009

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Every season seems to have a mood set by the changing scenery. Fall is especially pronounced: Time to pull out the sweaters, drink more tea, enjoy the pumpkin sightings, and watch the trees change colors. As the air cools, the days grow shorter, and our hands grow colder, so too do we adjust our accompanying album shuffle. We switch from indie pop to folk, from glam rock to instrumental ambient. Indie Shuffle contributors have compiled their favorite albums for autumn.

So what did we pick? Below are our favorite fall-time albums, with our favorite song from each, made available for your listening pleasure. You’ll find that we’re slowing it down, we’re getting introspective and most importantly, we’re going back to basics. Many of these albums are beautiful in their simplicity. All of them have an emotional effect. We felt it was especially important to include Neil Young’s “Harvest,” the sound of which we hear echoing through the newer artists on this list. This is only Part I of our albums for fall mix. Check back next week for part II, now time to mellow out to these autumn sounds. – Jessica Alatorre

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