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Oct 12, 2012

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Hip hop has always been strongly influence by illicit substances. Perhaps due to its origin as a culture of struggle (and ghettos being one of several circles in our society where drugs have a high profile presence), or a myriad of other reasons, MCs, producers and DJs have been crafting songs both extolling and vilifying the effects of unlawful substances for decades. No other substance has had the biggest impact on hip hop than cocaine and its derivatives. During the crack-cocaine epidemic, drug money was fueling fledgling rap labels, superstars were getting high, and the neighborhoods many of them came from were in drastic crisis. This Friday Five highlights hip-hop tunes that, in one way or another, touch on the culture of cocaine within rap. From Immortal Technique educating us on the complicated and villainous ways the drugs are produced and introduced into our communities and the OG Melle Mel kickin' one of the first major anti-drug tracks in hip-hop all the way to folks like Biggie and Ghostface, who made a living off the drug dealer persona that became so enthralling in the mid 90's, the influence of cocaine on hip-hop as a culture is undeniable. So zone out on a natural high with these tracks, the right kind of dope!