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Dec 7, 2012

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Soul music is undeniably sweet. Wether you're heartbroken or recently in love, pensive or lighthearted, angry or sad, soul music can articulate the human emotion in such an elegant way. One of the most powerful and influential permutation of music, today you can find traces and remnants of soul is most every genre, from house to instrumental hip-hop. Depending on what part of the country you're in, it may or may not be winter yet. In California, rain clouds have been ubiquitous for the past few weeks, a welcome sign of change. This Friday, enjoy five classic soul songs perfectly suited for a rainy day. Whether it's melancholy like the Bill Withers or Donny Hathaway tunes, or simply jazzy like Roy Ayers or Gil Scott, if the sky is grey these tunes will certainly make sure you're mood is not. Soul music: it ignites like the sun! Today's Friday 5 is also inspired by ArtDontSleep's upcoming soul showcase in Los Angeles. On December 16, an all-star of modern soul led by the incomparable writer and arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson will take over The Mayan Theatre and do a tribute to American soul music like no other. The music of artists like Bill Withers, Dionne Warwick, Roy Ayers, Donny Hathaway, Gil-Scott Heron and many more will be paid tribute to by amazing modern artists like Bilal, Seu Jorge, Zap Mama, Alice Russell and more!