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Dec 23, 2014

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It's that time of year! Let it snow, Christmas only comes but once a year... we've heard it all year after year, including the Jackson 5 singing about mommy kissing Santa Claus and Mariah hitting those splitting decibels on her overplayed Christmas album. Presumably, you are reading this because you recognize the value of "other" music - music that may not have hit your local airwaves or MTV yet. Why not include Christmas as well? This Friday, we are taking a moment to give you five songs to save your musical sanity this holiday season. Take a listen below for songs to enjoy and introduce to your family's rotation. Who knows? Maybe even your crazy Uncle Bob will appreciate the diversion from tradition. And, don't forget to stream our Ten Songs of Indie Cheer playlist from last year! You can also find some other songs on our site by going to the

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