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Sep 28, 2012

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You know those days when you just can't seem to shake the cobwebs from your brain? When getting up, getting moving, and well, conversing like a normal human being are tasks that are simply beyond your current capabilities? I've got a prescription for you, and it's kind of the opposite of more cowbell. See, on days like this, razor-sharp guitar licks or carefully enunciated lyrics are not going to do it for you. You need fuzz, and scuzz, and droney mumbles: you, my friend, need some gloriously grainy psych rock. This Friday Five is for you. With some gems from the past few years, plus a nod to the ultimate in excellent psych rock, The Jesus and Mary Chain, your head may not clear up right away, but consider yourself appropriately soundtracked.
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Discovered by: Lauren Sloss on Sep 28, 2012 | Read review →