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Nov 16, 2012

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This is always a big week for me. For one, it's my birthday in a few days (aw yeah, Scorpio love!), which always seems to lead to a requisite level of excess, regardless of the age I'm turning. Also, the Greatest Holiday Of Them All is coming up: Thanksgiving. A holiday where the point is to gorge on delicious, butter-laden foods (if you're doing it right), all day long. And then feast on leftovers for days after. All in the name of brotherhood and thankfulness and stuff! What you really need this Thanksgiving is a playlist to dance it out after you've recovered from the decadence of the day. And what better way than with a collection of rad remixed and mashed-up tracks from one of the best rappers of them all, one who really knew what it mean to GO BIG? Notorious B.I.G., of course. So give thanks, Indie Shufflers. And pass the pie.