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Jan 10, 2013

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Good things are always worth waiting for.  Especially if it's good network television, and if the network decides to put the show on DIRECTV before airing on its own network... making fans wait for months before the episodes are re-aired.  Thankfully, the third season of Friday Night Lights was well worth the wait, and the fans got exactly what they had hoped for after surviving the DIRECTV debacle and the dreaded writer's strike of 2008. After its considerable lapse, Friday Night Lights continued on with its own concoction of football and drama in small town West Texas. This season, some of its main characters took on new roles, like Tami Taylor (played by Connie Britton From Nashville fame) becoming the new principal of Dillon High School, and Matt Saracen being forced from the quarterback position by a young new-comer.  Not to mention all of the relationship drama with Jason Street's one-night stand resulting in a baby, Tyra's new cowboy boyfriend Cash, and of course Matt's romance with coach Taylor's daughter.  It seems like change had become a constant in a small-town known for very little change.  Especially in regards to its passion for high school football. Musical supervisor Liza Richardson, former KCRW DJ, also managed to add some quality indie music into the mix.  Whether it was a track from the sorely missed Jay Reatard, or former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus, Friday Night Lights is known not only for its quality plot, but also for  its inclusion of fantastic music. So, if your football team has been left out of the current play-offs/bowl games, rekindle your love for football with the Friday Night Lights Season 3 soundtrack.
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