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Sep 1, 2012

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As the summer ends and fall nears, most are packing their bags to return to their respective schools while others are left saying, "I wish I was going back to college, instead of dragging to work everyday." To help us remember the summer as its end fast approaches, here's a playlist of my favorite summertime songs -- songs that represent the roller coaster of emotions caused by the hot weather, beach days, music festivals, and hot tub parties. All of those summery activities are awesome, but often times come with baggage. You know what I'm talking about: relationship drama. The break-ups, and the FML "I'm cleaning out my Facebook and getting new friends," type of baggage that can turn you summer bliss into a seasonal nightmare. Everyone has their own musical palette, so this list won't be agreed upon by all, but this is my 10 song summer playlist and all of its bullshit carry-ons.

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