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Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red & Blue (Passion Pit Remix)

Jul 09, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I was literally that close to falling off my chair this morning when I saw that Passion Pit had remixed Portugal. The Man's "Purple Yellow Red & Blue." Sure the article I saw was in Spanish, but seeing these two juggernauts in the title was enough to get me jumping off the walls of my room.

With the play count hitting 16, I can safely say I can't get enough of it. The thing with Passion Pit is that they don't over complicate their remixes; they accentuate all relevant parts (in this case the vocals) and add the necessary passion (pun intended) with their effervescent synth work and a club friendly beat.

Unfortunately you can only download it for free if you have a Samsung phone, but hey if you do, head over here to get your Passion Pit fix!
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