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Prissy Clerks - Blast Off Girls

Apr 25, 2013

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From the ashes of Minneapolis band Total Babe (which included Jordan Gatesmith of Howler as their lead guitarist), songwriter Clara Salyer started a new band called Prissy Clerks. Not departing too much from her previous band, Prissy Clerks leans on a lot of 90s influences, like Sebadoh and Sleater-Kinney. Although she's young, the songwriter has been able to capture the lost sounds of flannel and really bring it back with her band.

From their debut album Bruise or Be Bruised, the track "Blast Off Girls" displays the band's really fuzzy raucous pop punk sound at a blistering pace. For kids, they really know how to take it back. The track is fun, poppy, and a throwback.
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