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PropaneLV - One More Time (Ft. M83)

Oct 12, 2011

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Sounds like: M83, Kid Cudi
Why do we like this?
Jason already stated that the "inevitable result of putting out an awesome single is that it starts to get remixed and mashed up left and right" regarding M83's "Midnight City," and that couldn't be more true. PropaneLV is the latest artist to take the song and give it his personal touch.

The White Panda's "Midnight Life" added a nice touch to the song with the addition of the vocals from Kanye West's "Good Life," and it was only going to be a matter of time before someone added original vocals to the track. In this particular instance, the long drawn out M83 vocals in "Midnight City" become another layer of instrumentation that PropaneLV uses to describe a typical night out.

As cliche as it may be for another white rapper to rap about partying, one-night stands and drinking, PropaneLV subtly sheds light on the darker side of the lifestyle. When you hear the repeated words of "I drink, I'm gone, I think I'm more alone," the night out suddenly becomes not a night of triumph but another night that fails to be fulfilling. You may be with those who you call your friends, get the girl but yet, the loneliness still kicks in. It's truth that is not commonly spoken about in regard to the party culture.

You can download the track here:

PropaneLV "“ One More Time (Prod. by M83)
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