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Qwel & Maker - Lunch Money

Sep 22, 2009

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Why do we like this?
In a hip hop world where the beats are almost always created by overbassed synthesizers, the funky and worldly beats on this album seem so crisp and genuine. Qwel & Maker complete their triology with the september release of "So Be It". After listening to the other two albums of the trilogy, "So Be It" seems to be the best produced of three and the most exemplary of Qwel's ability as an MC.

Qwel's lyrics are exceptional - his passion for the art as as well as his subtle criticisms of the industry are very prominent in tracks such as "Gnosticism" and "Golden Era". The most immediately inviting track on the album is "Back Stage Pass", which dishes out a sick brass section for the chorus. Of particular recognition is the use of the drums in the productions. There are no tracks worth skipping on "So Be It".  For all you Chitown hip hop heads who haven't heard of Qwel - I suggest you take a listen and then catch him at one of his hometown shows.

"Maker" lays down some serious boom-bap, funky, soulful, reggae, electronic, middle eastern and indian "“influenced beats that meticulously pace the album's narrative and thematic elements. "Qwel" retains his signature double-time and sometimes-off-beat flow that ignites the right spots in the human brain and makes the listener appreciate the intricate lyrics much more than if the MC were spitting strictly metronomic lullabies - Vinyl Meltdown

Big ups to John for passing them on.
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