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Radiohead vs The Beatles vs Nicki Minaj - Minaj a Tois (Caught A Ghost Mashup)

Feb 24, 2011

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Why do we like this?
It was inevitable that the remixes of Radiohead's new album would start flowing in (there's already a band in LA that has re-recorded/interpreted the entire album, which you can listen to here). One of these remixes to have caught my attention is a mashup, compliments of Caught a Ghost -- a new artist also out of LA.

The selection of artists combined is certainly interesting, and the manner in which the song itself starts off somewhat jarring. I find, however, that the disconnect between Radiohead and The Beatles is substantially righted by the introduction of Nicki Minaj's vocals, which reminds me of a similar song featuring Jose Gonzales, Emancipator and Missy Elliott (today's bonus). The result is a song that for some reason or the other, I keep wanting to listen to more and more.

You can check out a YouTube video that Caught a Ghost put together by visiting this link.
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