What's so good?
By danbrightcliffe | Jul 03, 2012

Philadelphia's duo Reading Rainbow was made up of husband and wife team Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton. Their track "Always On My Mind" from their 2010 LP Prism Eyes is a perfect summer indie pop song about longing for a loved one.

Reading Rainbow's song writing formula is a combination of simplistic 60s-influenced garage pop with beautiful harmonies, all drenched in a wall of fuzz and reverb. However, on "Always on My Mind," Rob trades in his typical fuzz guitar for 60s psych-rock organ reminiscent of The Zombies to provide the backbone to this song. On this track, the organ provides an interesting change to the typical soundscape of the band.

Reading Rainbow also created a music video for this track, with the help of Amanda Finn and Ryan Trott of the Brooklyn-based band Family Trees. The video is shot in 8mm black and white and reminds me of the French new wave films of the 60s that were created by director Jean Luc Godard.

Note: The band Reading Rainbow is now known as Bleeding Rainbow, and are currently a four-piece playing more shoegaze-type music.