What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Apr 22, 2011

Is this it, folks? Are we about to witness a flood of Red Hot Chili Pepper remixes? If you're a frequent visitor, you might have seen Love & Light's dubstep remix of "Can't Stop" [here] a couple weeks back. At the time, I thought RHCP was a really novel band to be remixing. How wrong I was!

System Nipel, made up of Israelis Rubi Yakobov and Anton Lunev, have dropped their spin on the classic "Otherside," weaving a fresh electronic/trance-like sound into it. Frankly, I think I prefer it to the aforementioned "Can't Stop" remix. While the duo have performed throughout the world, releasing numerous tracks and two full-lengths, this is the first time they've popped up on my radar, and I'm hella glad they did.

So keep your ears peeled -- we might have some more RHCP remixes coming your way before you realize it.
Jason Grishkoff
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