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Reptar - Sebastian

Mar 14, 2012

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A native Georgian myself, I had a natural inclination to the four musical rugrats that make up Athens' Reptar. As they gear up to drop their debut LP, Body Faucet, Reptar certainly has the right idea for a release date. Body Faucet will be released on Vagrant Records May 1, just in time for summer.

Reptar has reassured us that summer 2012 will be a carefree and upbeat one with the release of the single "Sebastian" off the anticipated LP. "Sebastian" is named after a saint who became a gay icon, and it's a colorful fit for a sneak peak of Body Faucet.

Reptar's Myspace bio revels in the LP's production: "Lyrics and music flow in a liquid form from real places, each song oozing with a different color and substance." Whether your summer plans include poolside lounging, rocking out in your skivvies or a motivational walk to work each morning, Reptar will be there with good times ahead. In the meantime, sit back and pop open a beer with "Sebastian."

Musical fun fact: Reptar on  Rugrats is voiced by Busta Rhymes.
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