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RocketNumberNine and Four Tet - Metropolis

Mar 04, 2013

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Why do we like this?

Four Tet never ceases to amaze his fans, and in this collaboration with RocketNumberNine, the London-based duo of brothers Ben and Tom Page, he demonstrates his true musicianship.  As part of his Text label, Four Tet will release this track and its A-Side, "Roseland," in the upcoming weeks.

This psychedelic ballad starts off tempestuous, with a pulsing reverbed bass and the clashing of cymbals and organ pounding that blend perfectly into a beautiful jazz intro. The track gently shifts its mood, with psychedelic chord progressions that lift you up while the robust bass keeps your feet firmly tied to the ground. Sparse guitar riffs slowly creep up around you as the song builds up and mellows out over its seven-minute span.

This is music ladies and gentlemen, take note.

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